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Sash window repair and other wooden window related information

Wooden Windows, Sash Windows and quite possibly…
Everything you need to know about sash window repairs and restoration!


Wooden casement and sash windows often become prone to draughts and rot with time. Regular maintenance carried out on them however, as well as prompt repairs may very well preserve them. One can easily undertake renovation of wooden sash windows by following several important steps. The challenges dealt with here include rattling, stickiness and rotting.

Rattling of wooden casement panes is caused usually by some ill-fitting lever fastener, which may be rather corrected with ease. If this fastener gets worn out, replace it using a new one or carry out plate resetting on window frame into which it has been fastened. Those sash windows which have become old are quite notorious in terms of rattling.


This action is occasioned by sash at the bottom fitting in rather loose manner into frame. To combat this problem, remove inner staff bead then replace it with long one. Such action facilitates close fitting against sashes. Do ensure that the rattling effect does get cured. Perform this by sliding such fitting up and down before driving the nails in and fixing the problem.


Rubbing candle wax on both the sliding surfaces of the sash windows will help lubricate the running movement of each window and should also stop any squeaky noises too. If the sash on top rattles, pack it out then adjust the position of catch pulling sashes close together. Fit Brighton catches or Fitch catches alternatively, Brightons in my opinion are better for security reasons. You may also bind sashes together via dual screw through lock stop bolts, security bolts can help with the windows rattle as they effectively bolt the windows in place.


Traditional casement windows made up of wood swell on occasion owing to wetness and can stick tight. Sticking might result from this and render it very challenging to operate a window. Poor interior design work done on these structures or improper stripping might also become a huge problem though it may be handled well by drying warmly. It is also important to consider that the windows may well have up to 30 or 40 layers of paint on them, this increases the depth and thickness of each sash window to such an extent that this alone can cause major problems with any windows function.


Employ clear wood preserver as well as paint in such case. Persistent sticking action might be arising from paint building up on window. You could in fact find a structure glued onto the frame due to wetness. Avoid this situation by appropriating professional house and home maintenance practitioners such as The wooden window workshop or sash window draught proofing London, they are three very good companies in London who work together you can visit them both here:



Free such sticky window carefully using scraper or even thin knife in the middle of window and frame. Once this is done, strip old paint at the place where window edges meet frame, after which do then apply fresh paint cover. Before undertaking this, one might also require to plane the edges slightly to enable window fitting without causing scrapes.

No problem ought to arise when sticking wooden sash windows. Stickiness does not happen unless painting is done in shut manner or in cases where staff beads are poorly positioned. Make certain that your house structures are examined for rots on regular basis with screwdrivers.

At bottom, window frames get susceptible to rotting in particular. Soft, spongy areas rot up and need repairing done. Remove any wood chunks that are in decay while employing a scraper or chisel. Undertake softening of wood repair compound required for kneading before pressing this into area where damage has been done to achieve smooth surface.

So much of what is pleasing to the eyes or other senses is personal. When choosing an interior design firm to help make a comfortable and aesthetically agreeable home, some elements have a timeless appeal. Wooden sash windows are being included in the architecture of some of the top end home construction because of the elegant look and workable features that may add comfort and beauty to convenience.

A seventeenth century inventor and architect presented the world with sash window technology. There is little surprise that this type will be found in all manner of buildings, both public and private. The most common type of sash window is one that has divided panes of glass, set in a frame that was historically wooden. Refinements have been made in both materials and operations.

The inventor designed the panels to stay up through a pulley system with weights, built into the frame itself. The pulley and weights are not visible. Some problems with operating these windows have to do with the wood swelling or rotting. Painting or staining the wood can protect from rot, but care should be taken not to paint grooves or joints. Additionally, the weights and cords in the window may deteriorate and become disconnected from each other, so that the window wouldn't stay open from the bottom panel without a prop. These windows slide up or down in grooves in the frame to allow ventilation. Modern ones may be constructed of metal, with metal runners. These modern counterparts may use springs instead of weights in construction. While some have a fixed upper panel, an added benefit for both panels being movable is that by opening both top and bottom at the same time, a cross draft recycles the air in the house.

 New construction has been using these types of windows in wooden frames as upgrades for added value and appeal. Because of the use in older and historical buildings, the look becomes more classic and traditional in the use of many paned sashes. Historical repairs and updates would insist on their use to maintain the original appearance and historical significance.
Several different architectural styles have traditionally used the many paned type. The number of panes, or lights, can greatly change the look of the home. Adding taller or more windows to the plans could enhance the exterior, while providing a nice source of natural light for the interior spaces.

Many home improvement projects under consideration could create a high quality look using wooden windows. They can be retrofitted into each opening, as needed, by construction firm. There are many ways to get a new look to an older property using this design technique. Whatever the owner's intent or purpose of adding sash windows to the property is, there are choices to make. Some of the newer construction had used metal frames and runners, rather than wood. Other types use springs instead of weights and pulleys. There are options that an interior design firm or construction company could provide more information to allow whatever vision for the property the owner has, become reality.

Old houses may frequently need sash window repairs if you had not maintained them properly in the past. If you are up to date with maintenance, you would not have to do too much home improvement work on your home. Keeping your wall openings frequently conserved will prevent expensive and major renovations in the coming years.

You can keep your wall openings looking charming and full of personality with this kind of window dressing. This style of frame has been around for centuries. They are found in homes in different countries with many of them in England. You can even find them gracing old houses of nobility and British royalty in the UK such as Kensington Palace and Chatsworth House.

This frame is made with a piece of glass in a frame. The panels can be moved upwards and downwards or from one side to another. There are 3 main framing types: the single hung, double hung, and the horizontal gliding type of frame. The kind you choose must be suitable for the design of your house. Think about how your frames should open or close and if there will be anything that would obstruct them from moving.

 The single frame variety only has one moving panel while the other frame stays put permanently. Typically, the lower frame is the one that can be moved up or down while the panel on top is permanently fixed to its place. The older variations of this frame used to have a pulley made of cords and weights to make them close and open. A simple pane of glass is used and then a wooden frame is added onto it to make the sash. You have three options to choose from when deciding which dressing you think would match your house more. There is the single-hung, the double hung and lastly, the horizontal sliding frames. The frames are created in a way that they can move either up, down or side to side.

 The oldest design is the single-hung version which only allows the lower part of the frame to move. The original frames had a pulley and weight system that allowed you to be able to open and close them. The doubled hung style has the flexibility to open both upper and lower panels. This will allow the hot air to leave through the upper opening and the cool air to come in through the lower one.

 The horizontal sliding frames are the most versatile of the designs because they slide sideways instead. It is also called a Yorkshire window because this style is usually found in that part of the UK. This particular variety is not as common as its other counterparts. Prior to making a decision about your home design and wall opening, consider taking some advice from sash window repairs specialists. This will help you avoid mistakes once the panels are fitted in. An expert can aid you in choosing the best kind of frames for your home that will need less fixing and renovating later on. This will lead to fewer unnecessary expenses in the future.

Whether it is glazed, horizontal or vertical sliding sash window repairs can be a very daunting task for any home owner. This olden day type window pane is aesthetically beautiful to the eye but if not properly maintained it could become a total nightmare. There is nothing worse than a window that will not open or close properly and these older types are one of the biggest culprits.

Consisting of simple principles of pulley and weights using cords is what makes this basic mechanism work. Based on a counter balance type theory, the original inventor is unknown and the system carries no patent whatsoever. Factually though no person can deny that it has been in use for a very long period and generally used in a box type design to hide the system inside inner grooved edges. No matter what ancient history is attached to these windows, one thing is certain, that most are much heavier than any modern day design. Therefore when faced with repairing one it leads to an obvious question of cost of hiring a professional versus the cheaper DIY option. The good news is that there are many sites that offer instructions in an easy to follow steps format, which will assist with finding the problem and repairing it.

 When doing home improvement, the final decision is dependant on the scope of the trouble one is facing as well as available budget on hand. If simply broken cords that are in need of replacing then it perhaps look at doing the DIY way as it may be a lot easier than one might imagine. However if faced with a more complex problem where the wood is weak or rotten it is certainly best to obtain quotes from some reputable businesses.
One professional repairer in particular lists some very noteworthy experience built up over 20 years of work. The listed services are detailed and leave no one in doubt as to what to expect. Firstly the whole window is taken for renovation; any wood rot is removed or replaced with new wood if necessary.

Once the renovation is completed the mechanism is repaired, pulleys are checked, old cords replaced and weights are adjusted to make sure of a smooth operation. When the wood and mechanism repairs are finished the reinstallation takes place using special resin which acts to seal the edges and reinforce the whole system. Sash sections are set in place by staff beadings, these attached using headless pins. When carefully taken out the individual sash panes can be removed. This step is necessary in order to expose the inner workings where the weight and pulley is situated and be able to take out any broken pieces.

 These are the initial steps when needing to merely replace broken cords, a sample of which should be taken with in order to make sure the right one is bought. While the mechanism is exposed add some oil to the pulley itself as well. When the cord is attached to the weight and pulley, put everything back in place that was removed and that will mean the end of sash window repairs. Should you not trust your own skills, another option is to get a professional out to get the job done for you.

Are you in search for the right kind of window to boost your home's classic look? Then why not consider installing sash windows? Why they're naturally charming and admired worldwide isn't at all that surprising. Throughout history, architects, home decorators and home owners go for their timeless appea. For homes that exude a certain vintage or elegant look, timber windows of the sash type is top choice. The unique graining of wood gives it a certain charm. However, some people might be concerned about timber's durability. In time, they can rot or break, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures or weather conditions.

Good thing that when a wooden part of the window has been damaged, it can be easily replaced. It's easy for a carpenter to find the exact type of wood used. Likewise, the repair of certain parts, such as the frame, can be really simple. For the budget-conscious, the price of a timber sash window may be an issue. But fret not, as those out of uPVC materials can be a great alternative to timber.
You might be wondering: "isn't uPVC window, sash or otherwise, look quite tacky?" That was before. These days, there are windows out of uPVC that are designed to look like timber. The grains look so natural, that you won't be able to tell the difference. That is, of course, until you perform a closer inspection.

A great feature of uPVC windows of the sash variety is their multi-point locking system. Such locking system is highly effective for keeping at bay break-ins and thefts. Locks may be purchased at hardware stores for wooden counterparts for added security feature. If you wish to maintain the window's distinctive classic look, there are brass locks available designed to look like they're antique.
However, a downside to such window kind is poor insulation property. If you really want to go for a sash window but you don't want to compromise insulation, there's a solution. You can always go for double-glazed windows of the sash kind. They're great at keeping heat inside the home during cold months. Since you don't have to rely that much on heaters, you can minimize monthly utility expenses.

Another thing double-glazed sash windows are good at is keeping noise out. This feature is valuable, especially if you live near an airport or a busy highway. Installing such window will provide your home with that unmistakable vintage charm. But more importantly, you will enjoy the many other benefits of installing them.


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