Monday, 4 March 2013

A Look At The Environmental Benefits Of Sash Window Restoration For Old Houses

A lot of the latest window and door products are geared towards thermal efficiency in an effort to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Nevertheless, deciding to recondition original sash windows as an alternative to buying new ones can be better for the environment. The environmental benefits of sash window restoration are noteworthy.

A current trend is to replace old wooden sash windows with new ones made from PVC. However, using your existing frames rather than causing the manufacture of PVC is a more environmentally friendly choice.

Even if you decide on wooden frames rather than PVC to replace sash windows, there are environmental issues. The problem of deforestation means that to recycle old wood is a more eco-friendly choice than using new wood. As well, old wood window frames may be of superior quality to new wood products.

The benefits of sash window restoration apply not just to the natural environment, but the built environment. Period sash windows which have been restored are more aesthetically pleasing than new PVC manufactured windows. As well sash windows are an original feature which suit the style and period of your property.

Many house owners are especially interested in thermal efficiency. They will be reassured by the fact that old sash windows can be altered to improve efficiency. Adding extra glazing improves insulation from cold as well as the noise outside. A good seal can help to eliminate drafts.

Sash windows are cleverly designed to ventilate a house. That's why, in the summertime, opening the top and bottom sashes can keep the house cool. Warm air flows outside through the top sash. Cool air enters through the bottom sash. This can keep you from using fans or air conditioning, and is thus an environmentally friendly option.

A major benefit of sash windows can best be described as allowing the house to breathe. This is important for maintaining a comfortable and healthy atmosphere inside. In contrast, some modern window replacements are virtually airtight. This can lead to problems with ventilation and the build up of condensation. Good ventilation is important for health. It also prevents excess moisture from accumulating. A damp problem in plaster and woodwork can be very damaging and expensive.

These are just a few of the environmental benefits of sash window restoration. It's also worth noting that restoring old windows is often less expensive than installing new ones. An Internet search will help you to locate sash window restoration companies near you. A number of these companies will give you a quotation at no cost.
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