Friday, 1 March 2013

Vital Pointers Regarding How To Change A Broken Cord On A Sash Window

Many older homes today are typically equipped with special weights within the window frame itself. However, the cords inside do tend to become worn out after a certain period of time and need to be replaced. Actually, such a job is usually not too difficult to carry out if one simply has the technical expertise to do it. As such, the remainder of this article will be focusing on how to change a broken cord on a sash window.

To start with, one should firstly remove the sash weights appropriately. The ropes themselves are often the issue because they are still attached to the weights. While doing this, it would be easy for one to take the chance to remove any and all types of insects found within the wells of the window grills, since they are usually the best places for them to reside in.

After they are discovered, the nests should be eradicated as soon as possible using an green type of insect spray. In such cases, residual insecticide is usually a viable option to get the job done.

The sash weights should then be carefully situated at the back region of the well and a 3-4 inch thick block of wood so be located there instead. After the window is opened, this additional space will prevent the out-bottoming process. This process will eventually help to make up for the quantity of rope length that has been stretched.

This new piece of rope should then be carefully pulled through a pulley and onto the weight located on the rope's other side. The sash should be extended 2-3 inches past of hole of the pulley by a single knot. After that, it should be passed through a fitted groove near the sash window's edge.

This exact same process should then be repeated at the other end of the window. At this point it would generally be a good idea to have another person sustain the first end of the window while one works on re-attaching the sash weights. After all this is done, one should try to replace the casing and trim off the remaining leftovers with finish nails. Nails holes will then be sealed with wood putty and painted so that it is able to suit to decor properly.

The above-mentioned job may indeed prove to be difficult if one is not DIY-inclined. By knowing the important facts on How To Change A Broken Cord On A Sash Window, one will in fact be better equipped to carry out the job.

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