Sunday, 19 May 2013

Preventing Costly Sash Window Repairs

Old houses may frequently need sash window repairs if you had not maintained them properly in the past. If you are up to date with maintenance, you would not have to do too much home improvement work on your home. Keeping your wall openings frequently conserved will prevent expensive and major renovations in the coming years.

It is easy to keep your wall openings looking great and even add some pizzazz to their appearance. This kind of frame style has been in existence for a long time. You can find them in many houses in various nations around the world. Many of them can be found in England though especially in places like Chatsworth House and Kensington Palace.

If you have these wall openings installed in your home, you must make sure to keep them in pristine condition. By making sure that these fixtures are properly maintained there will be less heating loss in the winter. Another good thing about keeping the framework well preserved is that you can also keep noise out. The homes that have these decorative features are known to look very charming and cozy.

There are different versions of this window style that you can see in many traditional European residences. When you are renovating your home, it is best to choose something that matches the architecture and structure of the building. You can opt to add these dressings as a way to perk up the overall look and bring added value to it.

A simple pane of glass is used and then a wooden frame is added onto it to make the sash. You have three options to choose from when deciding which dressing you think would match your house more. There is the single-hung, the double hung and lastly, the horizontal sliding frames. The frames are created in a way that they can move either up, down or side to side.

The oldest design is the single-hung version which only allows the lower part of the frame to move. The original frames had a pulley and weight system that allowed you to be able to open and close them. The doubled hung style has the flexibility to open both upper and lower panels. This will allow the hot air to leave through the upper opening and the cool air to come in through the lower one.

There are a number of advantages to using this kind of wall opening. It adds quaint curb appeal to your house and even enables you to open the panels to get some fresh air in the house despite rain or snow. This improves ventilation during cold months when you would otherwise keep all the openings in the house closed.

Before deciding on your home renovation design, seek advice from an expert. This minimizes the chances of sash window repairs and redesigning in case the type of frame you get is not suitable. You should also get qualified contractors to fix any damages on your old frames to preserve the look of your classic frame design.

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