Friday, 1 March 2013

Steps In Finding Out How To Change A Broken Cord On A Sash Window

Cords on sash windows can break over time. It does not have to cost a lot of money to repair them. In fact, one can do so themselves without any experience or expertise in home improvement. The following tips will teach people How to change a broken cord on a sash window.

One must begin by putting the tools together that are necessary for the project. A few of those are a utility knife, a screwdriver and a lubricant. Some more tools that are important to have are a hammer, new cord roping and a putty knife. At the point the tools have been gathered, the window must be removed from its frame.

After the window is removed, the sash cord needs to be accessed. Some windows have access panels. Older windows, on the other hand, may not have them. If that is the case, then the window casing must also be removed.

At the start of the project, it is important to get access to the cords. On the side jambs, one will locate the access panel for those windows that have them. Getting the panel open will expose the weights, pulleys and cords. Take the sash weights out and remove any aging cord that is attached to them. Then, replace them and place them on top of a three to four inch thick wood block.

The window pulleys need to be lubricated. They also need to to be cleaned if they are dirty. Then, the rope must be fed through the pulley. This task can be simplified by taping new cord roping to old cord roping. Then thread the roping through the pulley. Take the older cords out of the access panel. As those cords are removed, the new ones will be threaded through the pulley.

Put the cord through the hole in the weights. Then, tie a knot at the bottom of the cord. Typically, there is just one knot and it is placed in a groove that is fitted. It will usually run a couple of inches past the pulley hole. Repeat the previous steps again on the other side. As soon as the basics are completed, then trim and finish nails should be put back. It is also possible, based on a person's wishes, to select a finish and a stain to go with the room's decor and atmosphere.

It is not necessary to be a home improvement professional in order to fix a broken sash window cord. It also does not take much time. A little bit of time in an afternoon, the proper tools and the correct instructions will make changing cords possible. Follow these steps and one will know How to change a broken cord on a sash window.

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