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Who Invented Double Glazed Windows

The double glazed window - Who on earth invented it, and why?

If you have ever wondered who invented double glazed windows you may be surprised to find out that it is a product created and produced in the United States of America. Double paned glass has brought a whole new perspective on energy conservation and sound insulation to the public over the past eighty years. Starting as a simple product to help those who depended on basic heating, this product is now used in millions of households all over the world.

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Double glazed windows are two sheets of glass that are separated by a layer of air. The pocket of air acts as an insulation barrier and reduces heat transfer, which ultimately saves energy used within the home. The double glazing also acts as a sound barrier, helping to reduce noisy acoustics in high ceiling residences. Edward Libbey and Michael Owens are the creators responsible for this booming innovation. Their company, the Libbey Owens Ford Glass Company designed these windows, scarcely aware that they were going to become an amazingly popular industry. Later, this project was branded under Thermopane, a trademark that many individuals are familiar with to this day.

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This company was located in Toledo, Ohio bringing industry and innovation to the American scene during a time of financial crisis. They created a number of different products, including plate glass for windshields. However, the double glazed windows provided a new wave of engineering for energy conservation and reduction of heat loss in homes and businesses worldwide. In the early 1930s industry was bleak due to the financial losses during the stock market crash. The Libbey Owens Ford Glass Company created the dual glazed panes at the right time, opening up new opportunities for new positions, and for individuals to save money on their heating costs. In 1941 their invention was registered under their name, and it became a household brand in the beginning of the 1950s. There are two reasons why this invention has changed the lives of individuals all over the world. First of all, with the insulation provided by this new product, there is less heat lost through glass which helps to keep houses warmer. Also, it prevents cold air in the outside from coming in. This allows individuals to keep their thermostats at a lower temperature, because there is less air leakage occurring. The second use for these windows is that is provides extra insulation to prevent sound from escaping. Regular paned glass is very transparent when it comes to sound, and therefore those who wish to block out noise from the outside or prevent sound from escaping from the inside had difficulty doing so. The doubled glazed technology provides a barrier for noise reduction, helping families and neighbors to enjoy peace within their own homes. It is interesting to know who invented double glazed windows and what kind of impact they have had on society to this day. With this innovation, individuals all over the world are able to heat their houses better, and prevent the loss of energy that once occurred with traditional paned glass. The inventors at Libbey Owens Ford Glass Company created a product that is widely used in many residences, and has become a trademark name that many homeowners have come to appreciate.
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