Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sash Window repair advice - Prior to re-painting

Old sash windows are still considered strong to date and there is no any compelling reasons of replacing them with something that will not even last for a decade before needing replacement again. The scenario of sash window repairs can save you a lot of money, time as well as energy in most instances. The wood used to construct this type of window is naturally seasoned aged timber that was painted with lead based paints over a hundred years ago to create a strong window that is still as resistant to damage today as it was when first installed as compared to the ones we have today that may well end up rotting in as little as five years.

Old houses which still have original hand-blown glass is an indication of how old the windows may be. The glass used in older windows might look to be rippled, scattered and bubbled and, therefore can be quite an attractive quality as it shows the age of the house and indeed the uniqueness of your "antique" windows. Despite the fact that windows are unique in design and style, replacement contractors will often try to sell you the idea that replacement sash windows is the way to go, but this is not actually necessary as most old windows can be restored to look as good as new for similar of not less money than replacement windows.

For this reason, if you are in search of glass for your old unit, start by checking it with the salvaged contractors as they will be more than glad to release it. Alternatively, you can also consider checking it with traditional glass companies, there are a few still left that can create hand blown glass to recreate the vintage look. This is to say that, the pane materials are available and accessible from anywhere.

The main structures of the pane often are do not need repair unless severely affected by moisture. This is because they are usually strong and solid, and that is why you will find most manufactures nowadays constructing a ready to fit frames. As a result, you will always find that frames get damaged at the grains, but the good thing is that they can be cleaned and repaired easily by craftsmen.

If severe damage has occurred, it is most likely going to involve the sashes especially the lower ones. If the rot is minor or localized, a fix is required, and if the rot is at the bottom rail or broken a replacement is recommended. Note that only when both the bottom and both sides are missing do you consider it beyond fix. it is true to say that there is a company called London Sash services that carry out sash window repairs in west London at very affordable prices.

When disassembling the interior design a lot of care should be observed. Removing old glass without breaking it is a tiresome process most of the time, therefore, needs cautions. If you find the old putty is loose then use a suitable nudge with a paint scraper to get it off, and in case the putty is dry and hard you may need technical tools to remove.

After the glass is out of the frame and safely kept, the next thing is to remove the old lead paint. Often are the times old windowpanes will have at least a single layer of lead paint. If there are numerous panes that require repair and removal of lead paint then consider taking them to professional paint scrapers where they can be safely removed.

After completing all the necessary things for repair, you can now reassemble the panes. The pane is then treated with a generous coating preservative, usually homemade. Therefore, spend a little time and spend less money by using the services of a reputable sash window repairs company, who understand the technicality and the role played in window repairs.

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