Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How Can Double Glazed Wooden Sash Windows Increase The Value Of Your Home?

It is becoming increasingly common for people to replace their double glazed wooden sash windows with industrially manufactured plastic windows in the mistaken belief that the latter is a more economical option. Rare and little knows problems such as rotten timber, uneven window frames, accumulating rust and dust on window sills and fastenings and other such problems due to poor maintenance. Learn the reasons why double glazed wooden sash windows can increase the value of your home and property. A double glazed wood window in particular the traditional box sash window consists of two glass panes that have a space in between them which is compressed with air or gas like Argon, Krypton or Xenon. This acts like insulation. It is a sort of leak proof material that has thermal properties to insulate the room from the exterior temperatures.


By having period looking traditional box sash windows in your house makes the house an architectural wonder and will ensure that your home, especially if in a historic area such as London fits in with the local architecture. The house becomes a model of the 18th century period. Many people install timber windows (hardwood windows and doors) in their houses. This uniquely identifies the house. Your house becomes one of a kind. After the installation of timber sliding sash windows, the overall worth of the property increases. As the times pass, the value of the house increases. Soft furnishings and window dressings can be used with the windows that further add to the uniqueness, style and appeal of the windows. This create beautiful, if not the main, focus points internally and externally. The windows do not break or damage easily.


There are many myths associated with the maintenance of timber screens. The fact that they are easy to maintain is little known. Specialist skills and knowledge is not required for general restoration or repair, but where the job is a bit more complicated it is cheap and easy to find professionals and materials. In actual fact, there is no better tip than to revamp and restore old wooden windows rather than replacing them with plastic ones. Timber windows if cared for will last for a very long time; in fact it has been proven that wooden windows can last over one hundred and fifty years! It may stay still centuries with good maintenance. Window Repair, restoration and renovation must be done on a semi regular basis for long lasting results this should preferably be done every 5 to 10 years. With proper care they can be a beauty of your house for a long period.


Wood does not require processing like plastics do, thus significantly reducing the amount of harmful and toxic chemicals used during manufacture. Couple this with the fact that wood is a material that makes wooden sash windows eco-friendly, having a compounded effect in reducing ones carbon footprint. They also protect your inner area from heat and cold effects. It is hard to understand why one would voluntarily replace a natural, beautiful, unique and genuine interior fixture with a more polluted, mass produced substitute. Therefore it is a wiser option to get them installed in your house.

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